Innovative System Cleaner

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How to clean up systems and remove problem causing fungus, mould, viruses and bacteria?…… with an Innovative System Cleaner.

The EU REACH program is in place to protect health and the environment. This has reduced the use of carcinogenic chemicals within our industry. These chemicals were previously used as preservatives to deal with the microorganism build up. This means there is now a problem with lubricants smelling badly, due to the build up of microorganisms.

Even though the initiative grants protection, we saw that there is a problem and began to work on a solution.

We are excited to tell you that we have designed and produced a CNC System Cleaner and it solves this problem! An innovative system cleaner that is an alkaline disinfectant and cleaner for production plants and circulating systems. A cleaner that does not contain any biocides making our product extremely operator friendly. A cleaner that is fragrant, available in Lemon scents. This will massively improve the smell on anyone’s shop floor!

Our Bespoke CNC Systems Cleaner is a combination of highly active wetting agents, emulsifiers and bio-stable amine salts.  It has a disinfectant effect against bacteria, and eliminates grease, clumps of dirt, bacterial contamination and clumps of fungi.

Innovative System Cleaner
CNC System Cleaner