Neat cutting fluids are usually based on high mineral oil content and other additives. Neat cutting fluids are used as supplied without further dilution.

These cutting fluids are used for applications from light machining to heavy-duty operations.

These fluids are used in a variety of machining operations e.g. grinding, turning, milling, broaching, drilling, tapping, gear cutting. The primary function is to provide cooling and lubrication which lead to an extended tool life and appropriate surface finish of the components being machined.

Cutting oils as opposed to soluble or synthetic coolants provide high levels of lubrication to help in reducing frictional heat as the cutting tool penetrates the metal or rubs against the swarf.  These fluids have an added benefit in that they save energy by reducing cutting forces.

Historically extreme pressure (EP) additives such as chlorine and sulphur have been added at various levels to neat oils to provide increased tool life and improve surface finish, however with the advent of environmental and improved performance requirements fluid technology has lead to the development of neat cutting oils with more sophisticated environmentally friendly synthetic ester based cutting oils which are chlorine and sulphur free.

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