Water Soluble

Water Soluble coolants are available at Oil Shop Ltd.

Water soluble coolants are used in the metalworking industry to provide cooling and lubrication. Coolants are used to increase the life of cutting tools, improve parts finish and improve productivity.

There are three major categories in coolants

  • soluble oils
  • semi synthetics
  • synthetics

Soluble oils are metalworking fluid concentrates and contain a high percentage of oil. A  milky emulsion is created when mixed with water. The high oil content aids excellent lubricity whilst protecting the machine tool.

Semi synthetic metalworking fluid concentrates are made up of several components a small amount of oil, synthetic lubricants and additives. A translucent fluid is created when mixed with water. This aids cooling and cleanliness of coolant.

Synthetic metalworking fluid concentrates contain no mineral oil. A clear fluid is created when mixed with water. Synthetics aid cooling and run very clean providing long sump life.

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