Agrifarm 4 Stroke 30 20 Litres


  • Suitable for petrol and diesel engines
  • Traditional monograde viscosity for older designs
  • Excellent protection against wear and deposit buildup


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10 in stock


Description – Agrifarm 4 Stroke 30Agrifarm 4 Stroke 30

AGRIFARM 4 STROKE 30 ENGINE OIL is a high quality monograde engine oil for use in both petrol and diesel engines.  A high performance SAE 30
mineral oil based monograde engine oil. Suitable for use in certain 4-stroke petrol and diesel engines.

With AGRIFARM lubricants, you are placing your trust in a wealth of experience gathered over the course of decades. FUCHS has been active in the agricultural lubricant market for
more than 70 years, both as an OEM for machine manufacturers and in the field of workshop services.

AGRIFARM lubricants have prove to be extremely successful even under the very toughest conditions and thereby offer the highest level of reliability for your vehicle fleet.  AGRIFARM products are lubricants of the very highest quality made by FUCHS.  They meet the latest standards of leading manufacturers in terms of application safety.  FUCHS only uses a special selection of base oils and specially developed additives for the manufacturing of AGRIFARM lubricants.


The product is ideally suited for use in petrol engines fitted to agricultural and horticultural machines and may also be used in many diesel engines fitted to stationary equipment and generators.



FUCHS Recommendations

  • CCMC D4, G4, PD2
  • MIL-L 2104D/46152B


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