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MARINE-GUARD 4015 TP is a high performance, medium alkalinity engine oils for medium and high-speed trunk piston marine diesel engines. They are manufactured with high-quality base oils and market-leading additives.

These lubricants are suitable for use in trunk piston marine diesel engines using gas oil or marine diesel oil with a maximum sulphur level of 1.5%. Always follow OEM recommendations for TBN and viscosity grade based on actual fuel sulphur content.

Product Code: 03720


  • Wear protection- Protects against corrosive combustion products and minimises wear on all moving engine components.
  • Detergency/Dispersancy- Keep crankcases, and oil control rings clean.
  • Reduces deposit formation, particularly in the ring belt area, and reduces oil filter blockages.
  • Oxidation Stability- Outstanding protections against thermal stresses, protects engine parts from corrosion and reduces piston under crown deposits.
  • Rust Prevention- protects against corrosion of engine parts when the engine is not in operation.


Performance Specifications, Approvals & Recommendations

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