Plantolube CGLP 68 S 205 Litres

Fully synthetic, environmentally aware slideway oil

  • Due to its polar character and selected additives, PLANTOLUBE CGLP 68 S exhibits very good adhesion and excellent properties to prevent stickslip
  • PLANTOLUBE CGLP 68 S has excellent friction coefficient
  • PLANTOLUBE CGLP 68 S has good EP performance and very good wear protection. It also ensures very good protection against corrosion and are compatible with plastic slideways
  • The demulsifying behaviour of PLANTOLUBE CGLP 68 S is optimally co-ordinated with the FUCHS PLANTOCOOL line of environmentally friendly cutting fluids
  • PLANTOLUBE CGLP 68 S is rapidly biodegradable


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5 in stock

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Description – Plantolube CGLP 68 SPlantolube CGLP 68 S

Selecting the right machine tool lubricant makes the difference in the production process. The slideway oil used plays an important role in obtaining supreme machining quality. To prevent chatter marks on the surface of the work pieces produced by stick-slip, a lubricating film with sufficient adhesion on the slideway is necessary, especially when slow feed rates and high surface unit pressures occur. Due to its polar properties, the fully synthetic slideway oil, PLANTOLUBE CGLP 68 S, has very good adhesion and wetting capabilities. Combined with selected additives, it forms reaction layers to ensure a stable lubricating film even under extremely high loads.


In developing these new environmentally friendly slideway oils, we took special care to ensure they work best with the FUCHS PLANTOCOOL line of environmentally friendly cutting fluids.


  • Steel, metals
  • Mining, quarrying, exploration
  • Machinery, equipment
  • Metal processing
  • Other industries
  • Casting

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