Renolin CLP 220 gear oil 20 Litres

Heavy duty – EP – industrial gear oils of highest performance, outstanding extreme pressure characteristics and load carrying capacity

  • Excellent corrosion protection
  • Low foaming, excellent air release
  • Excellent demulsifying properties (water and watercontaining fluids are rapidly separated)
  • High oxidation resistance
  • Extremely high load-carrying capacity, extreme pressure-, anti-wear performance
  • Excellent bearing wear protection (under mixed friction conditions) – FE8
  • Excellent protection from scuffing, excellent wear protection – FZG
  • Excellent micropitting resistance in the load stage and endurance test
  • High Brugger wear protection
  • Excellent elastomer compatibility (static and dynamic)
  • Good compatibility with paint materials


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80 in stock

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Description – Renolin CLP 220Renolin CLP 220

The Renolin CLP 220 products offer extraordinary wear protection. They surpass the requirements in the standard FZG A/8,3/90 scuffing test as well as the more severe FZG test A/16,6/140 (double velocity – 16.6 m/s – and increased starting oil sump temperature – 140ºC). The RENOLIN CLP products offer an extremely high micro-pitting protection (load stage “high” in the load stage test as well as the endurance test). They offer excellent wear protection for roller bearings.

The wear rates in the FAG FE8 test are extremely low under these extreme test conditions (7.5 rpm, 80ºC, 80 h, 80 kN).

The RENOLIN CLP products are industrial gear oils of the latest generation, having outstanding extreme pressure characteristics (EP/AW properties) and an extremely high load carrying capacity. They are industrial gear oils with excellent demulsifying properties which can be used in all types of enclosed gear drives with circulation or splash lubrication systems.

Latest additive technology guarantees excellent wear protection and excellent corrosion protection (steel and copper-containing materials) The RENOLIN CLP products have good elastomer compatibility, stressed static and dynamic elastomers are lubricated and protected from wear. The lifetime of the components is increased. RENOLIN CLP oils can improve equipment reliability and increase productivity.


The RENOLIN CLP oils meet and in many cases exceed the requirements:

  • DIN 51 517-3 (2004): CLP
  • ISO 6743-6 and ISO 12925-1: CKC / CKD
  • AGMA 9005/E02: EP
  • AIST 224
  • David Brown S1 53.101

Approval of the products of the RENOLIN CLP series are for example by the following:

  • A. Friedrich Flender AG, Bocholt, Germany, Flender BA 7300, table A
  • Müller Weingarten AG, Germany DT 55 005, 10/2003


We recommend RENOLIN CLP oils for industrial spur-, helical- and bevel enclose gears with circulation or splash lubrication, operating at oil temperatures up to 100ºC and peaks above (up to 120ºC).

You can use RENOLIN CLP oils for all applications where lubricants of the CLP type according to DIN 51 517-3 recommend by the gear manufacturer. These products meet and in many cases exceed the new requirements of well-known gearbox and bearing manufacturers. The

RENOLIN CLP oils are particularly suit gear sets working under heavy load or shock load. You can also use them in non-gear applications including highly loaded, low-speed plain and rolling contact bearings. These mineral oil-base product design is to provide high quality, latest additive technology of industrial gear oil formulation. They meet the latest industrial standards of well-known OEMs.  The company Flender approves RENOLIN CLP.


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